Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knock Off Comparison with TFC-18 Soundblaster!

06.16.2012 – Takara Tomy has announced the next Masterpiece would be Soundwave designated at MP-13 and currently the prototype which also featured the would-be final product on display at The International Tokyo Show.

The announcement circulated just like the infamous Decepticon Communications Officer delivering the signal of his arrival to local toy shelves as well as specialty shops in Japan.

The news gives a look at his next evolution known as Soundblaster in Japan’s Headmaster series which aired in 1987 where the US series ceased its airing.

We dig deep on our archives and take a look which also gives tribute to the famed Decepticon Communications Officer. We feature the comparison between the original and a knock off version of Sound Blaster from December 2006.

There are several knock offs of Transformers toys but some are either oversize and over exaggerated in scale to be as close to the actual product that Hasbro and Takara Tomy has produced over the years. There has gotten our attention when we acquired this knock off version of Soundblaster.

Both figures exactly the same from a far but once you get a closer look you’ll notice the difference not only in appearance but also the difference in quality how both products where manufactured.

Overall it’s still quite interesting for a knock off to be made as close to the real deal if your not paying attention too much on the details. Definitely the difference is a spot on down to Buzzaw’s representation in comparing the Decepticon cassette tape and its animal mode.

Takara Tomy has rolled out in bringing in its iconic characters a grandeur reproduction under the prestige Masterpiece toy line and definitely its going to be worth the wait when it gets released in early 2013!

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