Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sighted: Cyberverse Optimus Maximus!

06.03.2012 – Transformers Prime the latest series shown in the US cable channel The Hub Network is on its second season and continues to get more interesting as the episodes progressed with its dynanic stories.

Led by Optimus Prime the five stranded Autobots battle the devious Decepticons just like in the classic series from 1984 that has been churning up new toys from Hasbro. Recently we sighted the latest seen in toy shelves. It’s not as massive as the twenty four inch Fortress Maximus but it will certainly give fair enough play for the kids who collects the Cyberverse scale figures which was original known in “Legend Class” size.

Say “Hello” to Optimus Maximus which was originally unveiled during the BotCon 2012 last April along with some up and coming new toys for some to add to their growing collection. Optimus Maximus stand almost as big as Armada Unicron but we might be wrong on all account due to its huge window box packaging.

This Autobot transforms from a huge robot to base mode and into a rolling fortress of mayhem ready to run over any Decepticon Vehicon in its path!

The details at the back of the box says its can carry up to nine cyberverse scale figure which can be said when it’s in robot mode. What reminds us about this figure is the throwback to the time Challenge of the Gobots having four individual exo-suits that can carry each Guardian and can merge with the main ship to form a giant robot.

That’s caught our attention about Optimus Maximus but instead having detachable parts it transforms into three modes. We thought this was that particular giant Gobot and Metroplex’s love child.

It’s interesting that Hasbro is going small scale building playsets for the Cyberverse toy line which originally started when they first introduced The Ark under the Dark of the Moon series. Optimus Maximus is now available at all Toys R’ Us, Toy Kingdom, Rustan’s and department stores in Metro Manila.

It would be a long wait for the Cyberverse scale of Transformers Prime to reach the country. We have to do with Optimus Maximus retials for PhP 2,499.75 pesos (Roughly $57.00 US Dollars) and get yours now.

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