Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Hall of Heroes release New Transformers Prime Toys!

06.09.2012 – If you happen to be at the Robinsons Place Midtown in Ermita Manila chances are you might see the Toys R’ US “Hall of Heroes” event previously known as “World of Heroes” featuring the newest Hasbro products.

The event started yesterday and it will run throughout the weekend. For the Transformers Fans out there who also collect the toys there will be restocks. There will also be new Philippine releases of the Transformers Prime toys that you have been anticipating for the past months that has been out in North America.

There will also be clearance toys that have been marked down as low as 70% percent of assuming these are from previous released the Dark of the Moon, Reveal the Shield, and Generations toys that has been collecting dust that needs to find homes.

You may not know what great finds you’ll see this weekend at the event itself so feel free to drop by and here are some of the toys you should take a look at:

Hasbro’s “Hall of Heroes” event is by Toys R’US which runs from June 8 to 10, 2012 at the Robinsons Place Midtown in Ermita Manila. Hasbro products are solely distributed locally by Playkit Philippines.

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