Friday, June 8, 2012

Sighted: KRE-O Transformers "Cycle Chase!"

06.08.2012 – The construction toys Kre-O a collaboration between Hasbro and Korean manufacturer Oxford has introduced Transformers as wells as Battleship related sets. Some brick pieces can be compatible with LEGO or Mega Bloks.

Last year’s release was based from the original Generation One series and Dark of the Moon movie which was heavily promoted.

So far the sets have took off but never had newer sets that were introduced locally on retail in the Philippines. Most recent sets are from the tie-up with the Battleship live action movie.

Oxford the Korean manufacturer of these construction toys has been known only within its country origin until Hasbro picked them to produce their own products related to their Battleship and Transformers brands.

Some say the KRE-O by Oxford has better quality material than LEGO’s direct product competitor in Mega Bloks.

We hope to see more KRE-Os as recently the “Cylce Chase” set is the latest addition being sold on retail right now. The set contains 75 pieces which also gives you three “Auto Troopers” that resembles G1 Prowl and the Decepticon Barricade mini figures.

In this set no other Transformer character as basis of the vehicle mode which sounded out of the ordinary when the previous sets have Bumblebee from the movie that includes a mini figure that resembles his G1 counterpart. None the less this set would be interesting to mini figure collectors of all brands ranging from Mega Bloks, Kre-O (by Oxford) and LEGO which has been recently consistent with its own growing characters.

KRE-O Transformers “Cycle Chase” set is retailed at PhP 699.75 pesos (roughly $15.99 US Dollars) contains 75 pieces including for mini figures currently available in all leading department stores and toy shops nationwide distributed by Playkit in the Philippines.

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