Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HFTD Deluxe Class: "Tuner" Skids!

08.30.2011 - Every movie has comedic characters involved but in the world of the live action film such as Transformers there’s no need for odd couples. We’re talking about the twins Skids and Mudflap from Revenge of the Fallen.

Tuner Skids is the one with the gold and silver tooth which transforms into the hatchback Chevy Beat (known as Spark in Asia). Released in the “Revenge of the Fallen” toy line Skids was a deluxe class paired up with his twin brother Mudflap in the movie. The deluxe class figure now called Tuner Skids is redeco in black and a deeper shade of green.

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The fans were not thrilled with the characters being portrayed and they were removed from the Dark of the Moon. Though the toys where released in black with either orange or green stripes. It remains to be seen if we’ll see them in the uncut release for home video.

The standard blister packaging of the “Hunt for the Decepticons” toy line is colored in yellow with the skill level has a red bar that can be compared to the card backs released from “Reveal The Shield”. It has been the same blister packaging design since “Revenge of the Fallen” and the only variation is the color of the cards. The plastic wiring has been replaced with soft paper wrap wires to remove the toys from its plastic bubble.

As usual they include the power ratings and character descriptions at the back of the cars. Sometimes the stock photos are different from the actual product. It’s the same packaging used in the Japan released movie toys but easily can slide the bubble than using a sharp cutter to opening it.

Tuner Skids is one of the common deluxe class figures being sold in the Philippines for 50% percent off. Released in the expansion HFTD toy line possibly continued the stories in the comic books published by IDW Publishing. The vehicle mode comes in black and a deeper shade of green. His license plate says "1H8CONS," and on the back is a bumper sticker that reads "I helped make the Fallen falled!

You won’t have problems rolling Tuner Skids on all flat surfaces with the exception that some parts underneath might get caught into something. The details of the Chevy Beat… Or Spark for that matter down to its grills is just like the real thing. If you recall our previous posting of our confusion regarding the vehicle forms of Skids and Mudflaps. The confusion was the official name change of Chevy Beat to the Spark had a story behind it as well.

The robot mode looks unpleasant to transform having a challenging level 3 and the manual is not very helpful with the details in folding the back part. Tuner Skids stands short for an autobot who’s got a ghetto sense of humor.

Interesting trivia suggest that stock photography shows the figure has gold painted tooth and one silver one, the figure actually has both teeth painted silver. The actual product does vary from the photo in the packaging and it’s true. The other part which some would find it unpleasant is being back heavy which the figure easily loses its balance.

Articulation is limited but the one-punch gimik is something to look at as what Tuner Skids’ special move was all about. Reminds you of someone from Eternia with the same special move? Actually Fisto doesn’t punch unlike Tuner Skids can do.

Overall 3.5/5 robot points Tuner Skids was graded due to the lack of the usual Transformers standard robot form. Some would still pick up this figure not because of the robot mode, but because it’s a Chevy Spark, which we have here in the Philippines.

Tuner Skids a deluxe class size action figure originally sold at PhP 6.99.75 pesos and currently warming the shelves in Manila now priced at PhP 350.00 pesos.

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