Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Than Meets The Eye with Chevy Spark!

03.13.2011 - Chevrolet the car manufacturer that will be synonimous with the Transformers live action films has unveiled the Spark mini hatchback.

The Spark of course is the Autobot Skids the twin brother of Mudflap from Revenge of the Fallen.

Though the Philippine release of the actual car has possibly confused some of the local TransFans with Skids with his original sporty neon green colors but with a Mudflap head design.

To get everyone's attention Chevrolet even made a mock up Skids robot standing beside the Chevy Spark car.
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Currently the Chevy Spark showroom is doing mall tours, and we saw the famed Autobot at SM Megamall last night during closing hours. Interesting enough to see the Chevy Spark in person giving us the idea, that Mudflap is really a small Autobot.

Now would be cool if Chevrolet had The Trax available also for the Philippine market? We're not certain until when Chevy will have the showroom at SM Megamall. You could easily notice the tall robot form of Skids near the mall entrance of Mega B.

If you haven't seen Mudflap for real check out these awesome photos here...

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