Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toy Review: Reveal The Shield Legends Class Trailcutter!

09.01.2011 - Trailbreaker was one of the original Autobots aboard the Ark when it crashed planet Earth 4 million years ago. He was introduced in the pilot episode More Than Meets The Eye. This slow and cheery Autobot transforms into a Toyota 4WD Hi-Lux camper truck when it was released under the first wave of G1 toys in 1984.

The original Diaclone "4WD Hi-Lux" from Takara came in three colors prior to rebranding into Transformers. For most part of the first season Trailbreaker was one of the supporting characters, but by season 2 we see less screen time from him.

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Over the years Trailbreaker only had one reissue which was limited to 1000 pieces as a convention exclusive packaged with Hoist in Japan. There were several attempts in producing modernized or tribute versions of Trailbreaker. But since Hasbro’s inability to secure the trademark all these became different characters until 2011.

Trailbreaker is now also called or known as Trailcutter when Hasbro released the Reveal The Shield toyline in 2010. Trailcutter was under the Legends Class assortment along with TF favorites Prowl, Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Megatron which transforms into his original P-38 gun mode with an orange tip.

This is so far the closest we can get our hands on Trailbreaker—Err Trailcutter until Hasbro surprises us with a Deluxe Class version.

The usual standard blister card packaging shows Trailcutter in robot mode tied in paper wrap wires. Even though in packaging you can see the details on the figure just like the original but with the modern take.

Some would say this version was inspired from Dan Khanna’s are from the 3H Comic. This time as you can see from the packaging the figure has now a humanoid face unlike his original toy.

Out the packaging the figure looks better than we expected based from the product shots and the details makes this figure note worthy for those who collects G1 characters. Trailcutter isn’t as popular as the Autobot cars but surely long time fans would still get this figure.

The instructions are printed at the back of the card along with the power levels of the character. This also featured stock photography of the product prior to its release.

The head designs as mentioned are based from Dan Khanna’s art and instead of just a red stripe as his eyes he wears visors.

The downside of this figure since this a Legends Class assortment it lacks articulation. The arms rotate and no elbow joints.

There’s no knee joins pretty much your standard action figure. His force field is molded at the back of his head not a kibble that was attached above his shoulders. Transformation is not that difficult for a Legends Class size figure and as mentioned previously the instructions are printed at the back of the packaging.

Trailcutter converts into a camper truck similar to his G1 version, but with a front section similar to that of a Cadillac Escalade.

Detailed paint applications on the grills, headlights, and bumper are superb. The rub sign is located at the rear top at the right side of his camper shell.

Hopefully Hasbro would release a more detailed deluxe class version as we rarely see iterations of Trailbreaker and the latest version doesn’t even have his name right due to the trademark.

Overall Traillcutter gets rated 2 out of 5 robot points. Hasbro could have made some minor modifications for this figure to be articulated. We definitely wish Hasbro gives us a Deluxe Class figure but for now we have to contend with this scaled down version.

For a bargain of PhP 150.00 pesos you can pick up this figure currently on clearance in all department stores, Toy’s R Us and Toy Kingdom outlets in Manila.

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