Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sneak Preview: Generations Thunderwing!

01.13.2011 - Thunderwing is one of the fifth wave of figures to come out from the 2010 Generations series. If anyone who's not familiar with this character, maybe you can check his full bio and story.

One of the most recognizables characters in the entire run in the United States published by Marvel Comics.

Thunderwing was the character every Transformer feared in the comics, and that's what makes him cool.

Possibly the only Decepticon who had opened the matrix of leadership.
Jump after the cut for the full story...

For those who was not exposed to the comic book series, Thunderwing played a pivotal role being a badass Decepticon I assume nobody knew his origins.

The Generations series provided the avenue to bring Thunderwing to the modern times, and quite a show piece to own in your collection. Though he's no longer a Mega Pretender the figure kept a lot of his personality from the modern design.

If you haven't seen Thunderwing in package check these photos...

One of the characters you should not miss owning one if you have folllowed his story in the old Transformers comics published in both US and UK by Marvel.

Something worth tracking down for any Transfan out there who knows his/her Transformers. More in-depth review coming soon.

For now salivate the Thunderwing's in-pacakge images.

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