Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dark of the Moon Iron Hide Revealed!

12.28.2010 - Lately we've been getting some toy updates on the upcoming Dark of the Moon toys from Hasbro. Interesting enough some are surprising evolution from the first movie characters.

Quite notably Iron Hide who recently got another figure rumored to be in the Leader Class assortment.

After Starscream got the treatment in Revenge of the Fallen this time we thought Iron Hide will get his turn. The famed black GMC Topkick get's Mech Tech update, and also a bad ass artillery to scrap some Decepticons.
Jump after the cut for the full story...

Iron Hide first came as a Voyager Class size figure with a nasty fire power. Then we get a deluxe class treatment for the robot scale, since we all know Transformers are not that consistent with scale compared to G.I Joe. In-between the repaints and retooling unrelated to the movie we thought that's about it for our heavy metal 4x4.

Now we get to see a new version of Iron hide armed to the teeth and going all out for the third installment of the live action Transformers film dubbed "Dark of the Moon". So check these photos and let us know what you think...

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