Saturday, January 22, 2011

TF Philippine Toy Sightings For January 2011!

01.22.2011 - For those who have the passion to do a toy run I salute your efforts. Recently Playkit had recently released the new wave of Reveal The Shield series replacing the Generations toy line from the shelves.

We spotted some fo the interesting stuff you might still be in the hunt not available in your area.

We toured the stores from Toy kingdom and Toys R' Us to give you a preview of some of the assortments that's been out, on sale, and awaiting to be cleared from the toy shelves for the past six months.
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The Sale

Recently the Speedstars have another second marked down bringing the die cast collectible non-transforming vehicles to a price point of $2.00 US (PhP 100.00 pesos). These are also known as RPMs previously which was repackaged to its current toy line. Basically they are the Hot Wheels to Mattel's hottest selling die cast cars.

Up on the next list of clearance are the Revenge of the Fallen figures, that are still fully stocked. Still the most sold out of the bunch is the Deluxe Class Ratchet now packaged in robot mode going for PhP 350.00 pesos. The next other assortments are from the Hunt for the Decepticons toy line.

Its the expansion series from RoTF that are still around, and Deluxe Class figures still marked at PhP 400.00 pesos. A new retooled Bumblebee is the one you should be looking out for as they still have it packaged in robot mode.

Latsly still on sale are those Power Core Combiners in 5-Packs, and still going for PhP 700.00 pesos, while the single carded ones accompanied by a Minicon partner goes for PhP 400.00 pesos each.

Reveal The Shield

This is the one everyone has been waiting for since November 2010. Arguably the most sold out in the Deluxe Class assortment is Special Ops Jazz and Turbo Tracks. The modern rendition of these sleek and iconic characters from Generation One has everyone drooling and customizing to their fandom delight. Both fgures are retailed at PhP 699.75 pesos better help yourself in finding these bots.

The next few honorable mentions namely the Legends Class for RTS, which is getting quite an attention lately. Compared to back in the day where its marketed for those, who doesn't have a budget to get a Deluxe Class figure this one was the alternative.

They are now packed with so much detail in a small toy, you'll be paying more for your money's worth. The most sought after in this toy line -- Megatron!

Yup. If you have not been impressed in the Classics Megatron, that looked like a gun from another planet. This one looks like it would bring your nostalgia back to the days where Megatron is... Megatron.

Though you'll be worrying with the orange nozzle, but who cares its Megatron in a Legends Class assortment!

So there you have it. Transformers latest sightings from this month. Happy hunting!

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