Sunday, October 31, 2010

Transformers Toys featured in Toy Photography.

10.31.2010 - Rounding up the end of this month as Transformers toys where featured in Toy Photography from Ocotber 15 to 30, 2010. It might not be something big as the news regarding the upcoming film Dark of Moon, but just to admire how these action figures where used as models for photography.

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Maybe you should try your hands on Toy Photography as a growing hobby. You don't need an extravagant digital camera, and all you need is a simple point & shoot with super macro features. But if you want to jump in using a DSLR please be our guest to show us those skills using such a complex piece of equipment.

Because a talent is nurtured and it takes time with practice to get the right perspective. Not everyone is born to have the same skills, but with the right ideas. And a rich imagination anyone can make this a hobby to compliment your interest in collecting these wonderful toys.

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