Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Comics Review: Transformers Spotlight Drift!

11.03.2010 - Transformers Spotlight featuring Drift was released in April 2009. One of the most sought after comic features the sword weilding Autobot. As you all know that there's a current mini-series that's been released by IDW Publishing.

Drift first appeared in the All Hail Megatron issue #5 comics. Considered as a Generation One character.

The action figure was released early this year based from artist Guido Guidi's concept art.

The Autobot became popular now because he wields two short blades and a mysterious Cybertronian sword.
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The character featured in the Transformers Spotlight One-Shot describes Drift...

He approaches everything in life with equal measures of joyful exuberance and cavalier flare. Yet his casual, almost carefree exterior hides a deep, scarring regret; one he may never see the end of. Refusing to use blasters of any sort, he carries two short swords on his hips and an ancient Cybertronian long sword over his shoulder, which he only draws in the most extreme or circumstances. A solitary figure, his is a past forever shadowed by extreme violence and conflict. His name... Drift.

Pretty much Drift is a very deep character and an awesome one. The Transformers Spotlight was just a tip of the iceberg on on who he really was. Formerly he goes by the name Deadlock a ruthless Decepticon as told in this one-shot issue.

Overall the story in this feature is more of a redemption and about second chances. Though this is one comic book you need to pick up besides the All Hail Megatron #5 comic where he first appeared. The next one is the four issue mini-series which is highly suggested to know, who Drift was before and what his real story is all about. The Transformers Spotlight Drift comes with three different covers A, B, and RI variant.

One of the coolest characters to be integrated in the Generation One Universe. No doubt you already have the action figure. We get to rate Transformers Spotlight Drift a four out of five robot points.

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