Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Transformers United Character Preview!

10.19.2010 - Transformers United (Generations in the USA) is slowly taking shape to be the counterpart what Henkei! Henkei! used to be with the Universe toyline thanks to E-Hobby for the larget images.

This makes a clearer look on the Wheeljack, Scourge, Grapple, and G2 Optimus Prime that includes their vehicles modes.

You can't miss the former cassettes like Rumble & Frenzy plus the pile-driver mode.
Jump after the cut for further details...

For more images checkout this awesome preview specially Wheeljack which definitely needs an update courtesy of E-Hobby Japan...

Again another awesome update that you should take a look at with these upcoming deluxe class figure, that will be out sometime in 2011.

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