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Titans Return | Kickback

02.04.2017 – The Insecticons is an independent sub-group of the Decepcticons. In the original G1 cartoon series they where introduced to have landed on Earth even before the Ark has crashed a million years prior to their activation to the modern world.

The Titans Return range of figures introduces the latest iteration of Kickback to the Generations toyline, which also pays tribute to his original figure. This Insecticon is no push over he’s read y to definitely kick you Autobot friends no pun intended…

Kickback is the third Insecticon introduced in the Generations toyline under the Titans Return following Bombshell from Combiner Wars and Skrapnel (renamed for trademark reasons) as part of the ‘Thrilling 30’ to celebrate the brand’s anniversary in 2014. If you have the previous two Insecticons, Kickback completes the Decepcticon sub-group for the modern version for Generations.

It doesn’t come to a surprise that Kickback would be the least favorite Insecticon to most fans who have been clamoring for a modern representation of these diabolical sub-group from the Decepticons that would be compared to as a counterpart to Cobra’s Dreadnoks. But the Insecticons is a different kind of Cybertronian creatures that doesn’t entirely robotic as you’d expect and Kickback is part of that breed.

Kicking Card Back

Rounding out the modern reinterpretation of the Insecticons, Kickback was released under the Titans Return and is packaged in blister card with an impressive artwork that simply show how he’s been a threat also from his fellow Decepticons.

The figure does not include any other accessory other than a tech spec card featuring the same art on the packaging in full figure and an instruction manual that some have questioned regarding its proper transformation. But more of that with its concern the overall packaging is similar to the entire Legends Class assortment.

Robotic Kicker

Packaged in robot mode you’ll definitely see how well Hasbro put quality in Kickback being articulated with ball joints. The design also takes cues from his vintage predecessor, which was based from the Diaclone line but a little bit cooler.

The only minor concern is a little bit to heavy with his wings if you don’t properly pose him other than that this Insecticon can really ‘kick back.’ Entirely black with silver accents that compliments the yellow paint that also include his yellow translucent chest. Kickback can also hold any 5mm peg to both of his closed fist hands, but sometimes he doesn’t need to have one when he can just kick them bots.

Grasshopping Con

In insect mode Kickback very much looks like the vintage toy that was released back in the day, but with more articulation and detail. Just like the original he can have one Titan Master Ride on his seat, but not entirely close the translucent cover that would become his chest in robot mode.

Going back to the instruction manual included, which doesn’t exactly clears up one part of his transformation how to properly transform his arms, making the tab-to-body procedure difficult to figure out. But other than that this toy is pretty much solid both in robot and insect mode.

Overall Titans Return Kickback is something to get for those who have the previous Insecticons, and this was acquired at Kmart in Australia for $19.00 AUD or PhP 703.00 pesos. This also was widely available in the Philippines retailed at PhP 599.75 pesos or $15.45 AUD.

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