Monday, February 20, 2017

TF Sightings | Toys R' Us Noarlunga

02.20.2017 – Over the weekend a drive to Toys R’ Us Noarlunga was unprecedented as a rare opportunity to see what this store have when it comes to the Transformers brand. It’s surprising that the have something that Big W, Kmart, Target or even Myer doesn’t have that makes it even more interesting.

The stores in Australia are diverse but not as complete like the ones in the Philippines or not even closely similar to the stores in South Korea.

But definitely you get to see something there that’s worth the trip if you really have found that Transformer toy.

Noarlunga is a far place if it’s compared to distance in the Philippines its like travelling from Makati to Bicutan or a little bit close to Alabang. The long drive would take 20 to 40 minutes, but for Philippine standard traffic it might take you an hour or two just to make the trip to a Toys R’ Us store.

Travelling to the nearest TRU store is not worth the trip unless you know what the have that you really need to get hence the limited toys presented in this particular branch is not like the one you’ll see in another branch, but you’ll be surprised b some of these toys making it on retail that mostly exclusive to another country.

What catches your attention would be the Masterpiece edition of Road Rage, a retooled and repainted version of Tracks that’s exclusive produced by Takara Tomy. The price though is a bit of heft for those expecting if the going rate is worth it.

So far Road Rage is the one that would get you to look at. The Dinobots sets based from the characters repainted in G1 colors are subject of interest. The rest you’ll find it in Philippine stores save for the boxed sets of Combiner Wars that might turn up in one of the Myer branches, but not in Big W, Kmart or even at Target.

TRU Noarlunga is probably the least accessible store to go and highly advised you own a car rather than commute it would be more challenging if you take the bus. But for this one you really need to drive your way to get there.

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