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Transformers Animated: Transform & Roll Out!

08.01.2015 – “Transform & Roll Out” is broken down to three episodes, where the characters from “Transformers: The Animated” is introduced.

The setting takes place in the alternate future of G1 cartoon, where the so called “Great War” was over.

Transformers: Animated had an impression for old fans and younger ones who have seen the live action film the year before, but doesn’t have any continuity other than some design elements where inspired to put this series together which aired in 2008.'

The design and art takes inspiration from Teen Titans and Ben 10, which would probably, had design aesthetics also from Batman: The Animated Series. But let’s not go far to that though when you look at it this series stands alone from the previous iteration retelling of two robotic factions fighting for energy, and conquest of the universe. It’s pretty much had a huge impact on the brand design-wise (toys) and how the five main characters deal with the villain-of-the-week, which is not Decepticons.

Animated lasted three seasons and there was no explanation the reason for cancellation. During its original run younger fans got hooked into the series for its quirky animation style and at the same time paying homage to the original cartoon.

They Rolled Out

Right from the gate the story of five space bridge repair bots features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Prowl. The human companions are Isaac and his daughter Sari Sumdac and the techno-hater Captain Fanzone,

In this three-part episode the setting of the story is explained that it was after the “Great War”, which Optimus Prime is watching where cut scenes from the classic G1 cartoon was shown and Ratchet explains being of that experience as a war hero. Prime in this series is the leader of the spacebridge repair crew.

Some elements from the classic cartoon makes it here like the sound when they transformed and some humans making extra cameo like Spike, Carly and their son Daniel in the background.

Nanotech Monster & Starscream

Most of the villains the Autobots has faced upon reactivation in this series are the monsters that escaped from Isaac Sumdac’s laboratory and Starscream. But thety first got to encounter Megatron who have his head design inspired from the live action film. It’s interesting too that David Kaye (the original voice of Beast Wars’ Megatron that purple T-Rex) is the voice behind Optimus Prime.

While the last part of this three-part episode all five of the Autobots battled Starscream (voiced by SpongeBob’s Tom Kenny) to protect the All-Spark, which was the plot device that would play out for the entire series.

The series might not be as popular elsewhere now with Robots in Disguise being the series that is being shown in the US at the same time having the toyline. It might not be worth remembering the series unlike the original cartoon or Beast Wars, but it had a lot of G1 acknowledgement and in-jokes that made this series known.

It’s probably the best reinterpretation of the Transformers brand that stood on its own more like the Generation 1 for this generation.

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