Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TF Color Collaborations: July 2015!

07.29.2015 – TransFormers is not just a Hasbro’s brand of toyline without comics or animated TV shows it won’t be this big as today. For those who first saw the cartoon or have read the Marvel-published series some might take this for granted.

Those defined as a TransFormers Fans should never forget what made these toys popular. TransFormers as a brand transcend beyond a mere action figure, but of course works of art that some tend to ignore where these toys came first…

Being a Transformers Fan I’m not just some toy collector, and one of the reasons that inspired me to pursue the interest of art is because of these robots that turn into vehicles, weapons and animals.

Rarely I share you some of my collaboration with artists that I color their work and this is no exception as one of the reasons that inspired me to pursue art. Here are some of my works that I have shared on my Facebook…

Eman Zubia is a freelance artist and honorary member of TransFormers Philippines who dress up like a Sentai hero at the same time enjoy the life in his home town province in Quezon.

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