Sunday, August 2, 2015

Transformers #41: You, Me, & The Universe.

08.02.2015 – The “Combiner Wars” continue to “Transformers #41”, where Windblade #2 (2015) left off with fairly enough damage made by Prowl and his Constructicons seemed like an after thought. But actually it’s not as this builds ups into a bigger war brewing and things are just making a little pause for now.

After Devastator’s rampage has been stopped by Defensor and Superion in Caminus the Cybertronians assist the first colony in repairing the damage done to its city. In the opening pages Prowl is in custody of Optimus Prime badly beaten while the rest of the Constructicons are being held in the Secret Prison managed by Rattrap.

Prime and Prowl discuss about their sides regarding Starscream’s plans to expand his empire to the other thirteen colonies beginning with Caminus, which gives weight to the conflict between two former friends.

Prowl argues with Prime that the system in place is not enough control what Starcream is trying to do. He claims sooner or later someone or somebody will be in-charge of Cybertron and will have control of the thirteen colonies for the reason that made such noise.

Back in Caminus the rebuilding effort continues and Windblade is not thrilled that the last Combiner almost destroyed Caminus. But Starscream says that she doesn’t need to dwell in the negative since it is done.

Somewhere in Macaddam’s New Oil House managed by bartender and former racer Blurr you see Ironhide and Mirage discuss that vision they had about a burning planet which they trying to decipher what it really meant. Then there’s Sunstreaker who had struggled in the past that he shared when he was converted into a ‘Headmaster’ bonded to the human how it relates to the two Autobots experiencing visions.

In another place Wheeljack notices Windblade being affected after the last fight with the combiners. She explains her disdain also regarding what Starscream’s plans and explains the Caminus religion regarding the Thirteen Primes. Windblade is thinking if finding those colonies would save or destroy them. But just like Wheeljack suggested it’s up to them to decide what ever happens when they get there.

There’s so much discussion in this issue to probably set up the action that is building up from this. It’s also noting how Prowl is going to be replaced by another Autobot as the integral part of Devastator. But in this issue things are also start brewing as Rattrap gets his hands on the Enigma of Combination, which explains why Optimus Prime becomes a combiner too.

Overall things are getting quite intense on this one, and John Barber knows how to poke his fans to get immediate attention with that art by Livid Ramondelli Combiner Wars is heading on a collision course that would definitely change the narrative for all those involved.

Next time: Windblade #3!

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