Friday, August 14, 2015

Transformers #42: Now and On Earth.

08.14.2015 –How to you deal with losing your most trusted ally? They say you can’t stop change and personal experiences that made them. In Optimus Prime’s case it plays more than just a leader and his lieutenant.

What makes John Barber’s stories about how the Transformers characters being portrayed is no longer about just enjoying a good read. The content is basically aimed at older Transformers Fans, the ones who grew up seeing the series when it started more than thirty years ago and it reflects more how reality played out if this happened in a real world, but its not and they are portrayed by robots with human elements.

This issue will make you think about loyalties and moralities that define why the brand has continued to endure this long. IDW certainly has surpassed the previous publishers who originally had a hand telling stories about alien robots that could change into Earth vehicles and other things.

The epilogue for “Combiner Wars” for this issue carries a lot of weight and more thought defining narratives from Cybertron to Earth how the conflict is no longer about factions its more about conversations somewhat aching to human politics that mirrors what we have seen and this is all good stuff.

Certainly Hasbro would still sells the toys, but IDW certainly is not just putting a monthly book anymore. They have given well written fiction about these characters fans would appreciate and that makes the toys even more interesting defined on who they are no longer playing in the black & white, but also bordering in the grey area and the reasons why characters like Prowl seemed to be one of the intriguing characters besides Starscream.

“Now and On Earth” based on the title from one of Jim Thomspon’s crime novels is not only telling the story about Prime and Prowl’s fractured relationship it also delves on what Arcee’s agenda and how she deals with the remaining Decepticons on Earth at the same time how the significant players would take the next step in future issues.

This is no longer a comic book about just robots changing into vehicles and other things its how you’ll get to know more about the politics that plays out with the characters in what could be one of the best Transformers stories out there.

Next time: Transformers #43!

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