Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Happy Meal Spotlight: TF RiD Clampdown!

08.12.2015 – The latest Transformers series right now is Robots in Disguise not to be mistaken for the 2001 series of the same name, which was originally titled ‘Car Robots’ in Japan. This new series is mostly targeted for the younger audience.

For the reason why the latest Happy Meal in the Philippines features Transformers Robots in Disguise, which was also released in the US earlier this year. If anyone who hasn’t seen the show here’s one Decepticon you should know he’s Clampdown!

Clampdown is a prisoner along with the other Decepticons in the ship called Alchemore, which was being piloted by Fixit that crashed to Earth. If you missed out on the Happy Meal toys mostly you’ll still see Clampdown as the last character being available and leftover of that particular toy line.

In the Philippines the toys is not only released in limited quantities they only released four of the eight characters that was included in the Happy Meal. In the US they had four more characters and in some parts of the world have more than five to choose from or to collect them all.

Clamping Down

This Decepticon’s appearance is weird and nobody can figure him out. Well just imagine that Clampdown is the robotic version of a crab that turns into a car. Unfortunately this Happy Meal does not transform, but if you catch the show you’ll know what type of vehicle form he turns into.

For now Hasbro has not actually produced a transforming Clampdown, and if you want to look for an actual toy it’s either a Robot Masher or a KRE-O micro figure are the only alternative. But they say this Happy Meal toy is the most accurate version of Clampdown out there to scale with the Warrior Class scale figures.

Just that you have to accept that Clampdown doesn’t change into his vehicle mode and for now think that he’s the modern version of the Action Masters. On a brighter side of things this Decepticon has a gimmick, where his left arm can fire his claw grappler with string by pushing a button for a spring action.

Two Decepticons

Among the other characters from Robots in the Disguise released for McDonald’s Happy Meal in the Philippines are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock. If you’ve seen the show you count Grimlock as a Decepticon too, but decided to help the Autobots recapture the prisoners of Alchemor.

Clapmdown may be misunderstood since Robots in Disguise is not being aired on Cartoon Network here in the Philippines, but he’s one of the interesting characters you’ll be seeing on the show along with Fracture and Overbite.

Overall accurate in appearance with a simple gimmick makes this Decepticon rather unique among the four released for McDonald’s Happy Meal.

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