Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Windblade #3: Defender of all Sentient Beings!

08.05.2015 – "Combiner Wars" conclusion gives you a surprise and the explanation why the Voyager Class Optimus Prime has the ability to combine. If you missed that last issue this gives you that idea how the toyline is aligned with the IDW published comic books and how the narrative plays out.

Previously Prowl and Constructicons went on a rampage to destroy the space bridge that links to Cybreton and Caminus in stopping Starscream to expand his empire.

This only was prevented by Superion and the recently Enigma of Combination exposed Protectobots immediately forming Defensor. This was one of the visions Mirage and Ironhide shared that has been haunting them.

The conflict started with Swindle bringing in the Stunticons’ combined form in Menasor who was let loose once again to wreck havoc on Caminus, which brings us to this last part where Optimus Prime, Sunstreaker, Prowl, Ironhide and Mirage where also exposed to combine together in stopping a new improved Devastator.

This Constructicons adds Autobot Scoop in replacing Prowl as part of the combined form of Devastator giving Starscream control on all the combiners. But it appears Optimus Prime in his combined form joins the fray to get this conflict straighten out.

The next few pages is all about what “Combiner Wars” is all about heavy metal war between combined forms of Optimus Combiner, Menasor, Superion, Defensor and Devastator in full on action. While back on Cybertron Swindle brings in a mob of refugees wanting to cross the space bridge being guarded by Wheeljack and Windblade. Of course Starscream had to be the hero everyone doesn’t want at the same time the action picks up on the other side with Chomia and a few friendly Camiens to help out control the riot.

Of course in this issue there’s going to be casualty involve that open the eyes of Rattrap. Back to the combiners fight a Optimus Combiner is trying to learn how being combined to four other Autobots feels like. Prowl explains how it felt ‘addicting’ to be combined with one mind and explained his experience being part of the Constructicons when forming Devastator.

It’s like watching a super robot fight trying to find their inner voice and then realizing in one highlight they put aside their difference and started beating the crap out of Devastator in toy form is a Titan Class twice bigger than the ‘regular’ Combiner Wars figures. This also reveals what the combined form of Optimus Prime is called and it felt like he’s ripping off a tag line from Voltron and replacing it with his own. Scoop being part of the Constructicons looks like it can work if Hasbro had plans to release a Combiner Wars version, and being recolored in uniform with the others seemed like he’s the new Scrapper.

Two pencilers handled the art chores for this issue that has Marcelo Ferreira and Corin Howell. It’s interesting to see how this version of Swindle is based from the Transformers Animated series. There have been interesting scenes and the build up was a total riot that closes up the five-part Combiner Wars arc. But it doesn’t appear that its over since there will be backlash after what happened here.

The epilogue it seems two more colonies have been revealed are Velocitron and Eukaris, that takes back to the Transformers Cybertron series revealing a speed and jungle planet. It seems the other colonies might be having been inspired from the previous Transformers series being introduced as part of the Generations series.

There will be more revelations ahead as the last page is a shocker knowing familiar faces reintroduced as new characters gets interesting.

Next time: Transformers #42!

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