Monday, August 10, 2015

First Look: TF Legends Ultra Magnus!

08.10.2015 – The Combiner Wars certainly giving fans the interest in catching up with the toy versions of the characters featured in IDW’s comic book series. Under this theme they also released Ultra Magnus, which was produced by Hasbro.

In another part of the world in Japan TF Yuki who is active on micro blogging site Twitter continues to surprise fans all over the world.

A few hours earlier he just revealed Takara Tomy’s version of Ultra Magnus under Transformers Legends!

Yuki-san certainly is delighted to share Takara Tomy’s version of Ultra Magnus, which his colors is based from the classic version. There’s more difference from it US version that includes detailed wheels and aesthetic appearance is more vibrant. There were few images shared within a day that reveals the difference.

If you’re an Ultra Magnus fan you’ll be happy to know this version deviates from the character based in the IDW published comic books. Because the Minimus Ambus that comes with the US version had a major

Ultra Magnus robot mode shows the difference from the US release as you see the primary colors have red in his thighs instead of white. The aesthetic certainly captures the colors of the vintage version.

Designated LG-14 to be released in Japan and selected parts of Asia Ultra Magnus certainly looks more of the original character that appeared in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie. This looks even more better that Alpha Trion is the one core robot that can be part of Ultra Magnus instead of Minimus Ambus.

The vehicle mode certainly loos slick with more detail colors and no dull angle on this car carrier as Ultra Magnus is one mean Autobot the Decepticons should avoid.

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