Monday, July 6, 2015

Windblade #2: Mistakes & Mayhem!

07.06.2015 – If the first part of the Combiner Wars was the appetizer in Wingblade (2015) #1 for action The Transformers #40 has the meat for a crucial narrative that will give light to what’s happening.

Wingblade (2015) #2 is like a rollercoaster heading up a uphill cranking up the intense action that has been waiting to takes its course. Mairghread Scott sets up the story that brought back Prowl and the Constructicons back to Cybertron.

At the same time the “Protectobots” crew along with a special guest in Mirage also arrives due to the so called vision he has seen in his sleep. That same vision has been in Ironhide’s mind about death and destruction to all Cybertronians.

This all came together due to the aftermath what transpired with the attack of Menasor to Caminus a setup that was led by the swindled Swindle (no pun intended) who is serving time now in a secret prison being handled by Starscream’s loyal lackey in Ratrap (the same Maximal in “Beast Wars” in a different role in this IDW Publishing’s comics continuity).

In the last chapter to Combiner Wars, Starscream is not pleased that Optimus Prime has positioned himself to convince the Camiens that a special committee representing each world is best course of action to decide the future of their civilizations. Since Optimus Prime is being viewed by the Camiens as a “living prime” a religion.

Each of the players has been set up prior to this issue that’s quite political and at the same time engaging how things happen in each page. Livid Ramondelli certainly has done himself some good art that jumps right out of the page once the action scenes has started to build up.

The heart of this issue is the conflict that started with Prowl who felt being betrayed not knowing what really was happening behind the scenes during Menasor’s rampage on Caminus that was prematurely stopped by the newly activated Aerialbots that has Alpha Bravo as its newest member (which explains why Slingshot was not around not explained when the toyline was released).

But then again your dealing with the granddaddy of combiners in Devastator its where the action started once they crossed the space bridge and started another conflict. But of course you don’t want to see Waspinator (yes, that same whiney Predacon from Beast Wars is alos in this IDW comics Continuity) get killed on this one. This was also good timing for the shuttle O Fortuna to arrive when Devastator started looking for trouble on Caminus.

Mirage’s vision was right about the war and this was the result of a renewed conflict that Prowl has started. The battle picks up as the Aerialbots in Superion combined form tried to fight Devastator, but help did arrive as what you saw on the cover is Defensor when Starscream use the Enigma of Combination on the “Protectobots.”

In the end two combiners are enough to take down a pissed-off Devastator, who is going to be put to trial. It’s good they where not terminated as ordered by Starscream or this will over sooner than anyone not hoping for.

Next time: TransFormers #41!

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