Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Meal 2015: Robots in Disguise!

07.19.2015 – It’s been a while since McDonald’s featured TransFormers as one of their meal toys. The last one was based from the TransFormers: Prime series almost two years ago and probably won’t remember them now for being non-transforming.

The new TransFormers: Robots in Disguise seemed interesting as McDonald’s had released the Happy Meal toys earlier this year paired with My Little Pony. But in the Philippines they have been sighted earlier paired with Littlest Petshop

TransFormers: Robots in Disguise is the newest animated series (not to be confused with 2001’s RiD series known in Japan as Car Robots) aired in the US on Cartoon Network and it’s a direct continuity with TransFormers: Prime.

When the Happy Meal toys where released last March 2015 it is comprised of eight figures that features Bumblebee, Clampdown, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Steeljaw, Fixit, Sideswipe, Fracture, and Underbite. They are all packed in individual bags that come with an instruction sheet that has a scan-badge, which unlocks a random amount of Energon "currency" and a randomized bonus power-up item. This badge is the same for all of the Robots in Disguise Happy Meal bags and instructions.

This can also be scanned into the McDonald's McPlay app, which recognizes the toy's silhouette. Doing so unlocks some surprises exclusively only in the US.

But the one released for Asian market they only released four characters that have Bumblebee, Clampdown, Grimlock, and Optimus Prime. Each figure has its own gimmick from special action move or a light-up these TransFormers are enough for the kids to enjoy even though they’re non-transformable like the last Happy Meal based from TransFormers: Prime.

These toys are available now until supply last and expect Clampdown to be the last one to be sold as this Decepticon is a new character introduced in the series.


This is a display at the Toys R’ Us store in Robinsons Midtown in Ermita Manila, which you can see store exclusives, Generations, Combiner Wars and Age of Extinction on shelves that you might find interesting to personally see for yourself.

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