Friday, July 3, 2015

TF Sightings: TRU Platinum Exclusives!

07.03.2015 – Lately Transfromers are slowly getting an influx of Combiner Wars themed toyline under the Generations One. With the comic book published by IDW Publication in high gear expect more of this to appear in toy shelves.

In the Philippine the retail updates are slow, but whatever is left for the distributor to release for the mass retail that is what you’re going to get. This is for the reason some of the much anticipated figures are now being sold in the secondary market…

But then again that’s their prerogative, and there will be some of those hard-to-finds that might re-appear again. This is due to restock or one of those privileged to acquire them first during distribution might have returned the item for unexplained reason. None the less there are still new TransFormers out there and you only need to keep an eye out. Some of them are store exclusives too that you might have come across, but did not notice it was already released.

This one such case is the Toys R’ Us Exclusive Platinum Editions, which are reissues of the vintage and some re-pack figures. The eye catching reissue out there for those old timers is the Intel Ops (PhP 7,499.75 pesos) and Seeker Squadron (PhP 3,499.75 pesos) sets, which definitely for collectors who grew up wanting to get them back in the day but allowance was not enough to complete a set.

Then there’s the Grimlock VS Bruticus (PhP 4,000.00 pesos) set, which is a repackaging of the characters based from the “War for Cybertron” and “Fall of Cybertron” videogames, which were released individually as part of the Generations toyline.

This most notably Grimlock but with metallised repaint and a complete set of the Cybertonian version of the Combaticons formed into Bruticus. Each of the Combaticons where sold individually at some point, and had a Generation 2 colors sold as a set exclusively in a convention

Lastly there is also the two-pack on sale, which is the “Protectobots EVAC Sqaud” (PhP 800.00 pesos) consist of white redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class Blazemaster with Protectobot Hot Spot (a repaint of 2010 Transformers/Reveal the Shield Solar Storm Grappel, but it kept the Inferno mold's original arms and fists.) released exclusively in Asian markets.

These are the most notable exclusives at Toys R’ Us in the Philippines, but there other exclusives too though if talk about Generation One and other related to this era you’ll immediately spot them in their stores.

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