Thursday, June 4, 2015

TransFormers #51: The Man in the Machine!

06.04.2015 – Today’s featured back issue comes in the form of Marvel’s published TransFormers #51 written by Bob Budiansky with artwork by José Delbo. This also features a new italic “Trans Formers” logo.

The synopsis focuses on Spike Witwicky after being binary bonded to Head Masters Commander Fortress Maximus, which originally told the story way back in issue #39 where he had no other option in saving his younger brother Buster from the Decepticons and #51 follows up the aftermath.

This also tells the narrative how deep is the bond between Spike and Fort Max why both need each other to be the last line of defence to protect planet Earth from further Decepticon invasion (which they failed in Transformers Generations #2).

But what makes this an interesting issue aside for the first appearance of two Pretender animals in Carnivac and Snarler it also deals with how the Transformers had an impact on human life and how Spike deals with being bonded to an alien robot that turns into the Autobot’s Headquarters.

This is the last five issues of Bob Budiansky before Simon Furman took over in#56 and changes the way Transformers comic books that fans read today. But given much high regard to Bob Budiansky because he was the writer for most of the Marvel published US series, and the creator of much of the mythos, characters, and names behind the first several years of the franchise.

For #51 it was not too complicated for those who grew up with Transformers to understand the complexities Spike is going through trying to move forward his life. But he didn’t realize how important he was to Fort Max and it might appear juvenile for the human characters you can’t dismissed back in the day there was no guideline to write about Transformers interactions with the locals of Earth. What makes up for its lack of interesting narrative is José Delbo art that clearly on its own.

There was so much human interaction in this issue between Spike, Buster and his father Sparkplug as well as his friend Cliff Dietz. There are noticeable artwork and technical errors not to mention the continuity too, but if you had this issue when you’re ten years old you hardly notice these just enjoyed reading the comic book.

All you cared about is Fort Max taking a beating from two Pretender animals that where ordered by Scorponok to hunt down its binary-bonded human partner. Its primarily focused on Spike’s unwillingness to be connected anymore to Fort Max, which will be delved further by Simon Furman in issue #79 being “The Last Autobot?” connecting all the stories in its original run.

But overall Transformers #51 was a good issue side stepping, and focusing on the human point of view that featured Spike trying to find a ‘normal’ life after being bio engineered to be bonded with one of the most powerful Autobots stranded on Earth.

This issue will be reprinted three times as part of the compilation for Transformers: Last Stand (2005) by Titan Books, Classic Transformers Volume 4 (2009) by IDW Publishing, and Transformers Classic Volume 5 (2012) by IDW Publishing.

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