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TransFan Stories: From Cardboards to Complete Collection.

06.03.2015 – Every aspiring fan has their humble beginnings why they are so passionate about one hobby that started a growing collection of these interesting characters. Transformers have been one of those brands that have been relevant.

For more than 30 years Hasbro kept this brand going, but not everyone can afford to ‘collect them all’ so for a young Neil Dela Cruz it must be something that inspired him like a quote “If you can’t buy `em I’ll build `em” and he did…

If you haven’t been reading some features at you must have lived under the rock. They mostly feature TransFormers Fans who showed their passion in collecting these vintage action figures.

For Neil it has been probably a life long dream to have all of them. But back in the day all he had was Soundwave from his aunt from Australia and a Pre-Transformers Takara released “Camera Robo” under the “New Microman” – “Micro Change” line of action figures as a gift from his mom. So what does a kid from the province of Rizal had to do to have all these characters in his collection. Its simple build them from inexpensive school items.

This was long before JoMike Tejido’s Philippine renowned “FoldaBots”, but the difference with what Neil have is they’re not transformable that has enough details and kibble that appears more of a cartoon accurate that jump off your TV screen.

From Paper to Diecast & Plastic

Going back in the day Transformers toys are not affordable even in today’s standards they are still expensive. But that didn’t stop Neil to from not having the ones he’d like in those colourful toy catalogs. Armed with an inspiration and hidden talent for the arts he made his own Transformers out of cartolinas and markers. His first attempt in using paper cost him a lot and he had to run back to the bookstore to buy supplies.

The constant evolution of this homemade Transformers toys turned into a motivation that someday Neil will acquire all these characters for real. And yet he did fulfilled his simple dream of getting them all exceeding the unexpected when he moved to Australia more than ten years ago and he has been silent about it until that feature from last year.

Neil’s a passionate Transformers fan not only into collection the toys, but his knowledge and fun loving appreciation to these characters. He collects the comic books and has watched almost all iteration of the series and the movies.

Below you’ll find some images of a few Transformers characters he made out of cartolina and colored with markers.

Not all has been saved from his mom’s old house, but you’ll get the idea how Neil is dedicated to his craft before venturing in owning every Transformers character that was featured in the US-released toy catalog by Hasbro…

The Incomplete Jetfire

While digging up a pile of old friends from his original toy display Neil has found the incomplete Jetfire figure and this was the time he was heading to college.

Neil revealed that he has forgotten how to build them of fix the broken ones, but you can see his humble beginnings not to forget these paper crafted Transformers that ‘temporarily’ replaced his current collection.

A Reminder of his Childhood

Neil doesn’t have plans to throw or giving them away he plans to get a display cabinet for his room in his mom’s house to give these guys a proper place. This is a constant reminder how it got him motivated into collecting all the Transformers that he only see in toy catalogs along with his other toys from his childhood.

This shows that he never forgets where he started, and Neil chuckles that since he’s running out of space in his place in Australia he also plans to bring all of his Bay-verse Transformers back to the Philippines too.

His most prized possession currently residing along with his Transformers collection is a framed image of that old display featuring all his cardboard Transformers from back in the day. This is a constant reminder how he started collecting and made his dream become a reality.

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