Monday, June 8, 2015

Autobot Jeepney Sighted!

FILIPINO drivers love Transformers--specifically, the Autobot faction symbol (copyright issues aside, of course). Check out any shop or kiosk that make automotive decals, and you will see the iconic red sigil looking back at you. Many Filipinos decorate their cars with the Autobot symbol, many choosing the heroic face on the gas tank door instead of that naughty version of Calvin peeing. The really hardcore Transformers fans place the Autobot symbol where you would find it on an Autobot's car mode, either on the left side near the front wheel or on the back window to the right. Of course, others just place it wherever they want, like on the rear end or--for the truly brave ones--a larger-than-usual symbol on the hood!
Jeepneys have always reflected Filipino cultural tastes and you can see many jeepneys sporting an Autobot symbol with their custom paint job.

But on Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City the other day, there was an entirely new take on the Autobot logo. This apparently brand new jeepney plying the PRC-Mantrade route was made of the shiny stainless steel that is familiar to all city commuters. But instead of a paint job or a sticker, this jeepney's entire grill was an Autobot logo! Not only was the approximation perfectly shiny, but it jumps out at you at night, because there are a variety of bright blue lights behind it! It's like the Autobot symbol is looking right at you.
It really felt like the jeepney was suddenly going to break apart and then stand up, Bayformer movie-style!
If you happen to see it, think of the possibilities. I like to think that perhaps the Autobot Hound was assigned to go undercover in Manila, and scanned a jeepney for his alt mode so he would fit right in. Or maybe it's a Pinoy Transformer to begin with. Whichever it may be, it's just such a cool way to homage the Transformers in a distinctly Filipino manner.

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