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Spotlight Drift Director's Cut: Drifting Through Life!

11.26.2014 – Before you pick up Drift: Empire of the Sun #1 mini-series (now available at your local shops) there’s something you should definitely need to get first. For those who have only come to know Drift in his debut in last summer’s Transformers: Age of Extinction this film is not his first appearance.

Usually in the mainstream a lot of fans who followed the live action films are not familiar with the character having been an original creation first appeared in IDW Publishing’s All Hail Megatron #5 in 2007. The 12 issue maxi-series introduced the sword wielding Autobot by creators Shane McCarthy and Guido Guidi.

Originally Drift would turn out to be an exclusive comic book only character, but there was a following that build-up that IDW went out and gave more back story in what would Transformers Spotlight: Drift a one-shot issue that tells the story how he joined the motley crew of the Wreckers under Kup’s leadership.

In this issue Drift was a mystery character that just came out of nowhere. Well until he revealed himself in front of a well-armed Autobot commandos. His mission was to take down a Cybertronian ship that was commanded by a Decepticon named Turmoil (another in-comic book character exclusive from IDW).

The wheels started to turn eventually that the ship Drift was hijacking is actually where he used to be part of. Drift’s previous allegiance as a former Decepticon named Deadlock would be mentioned in this Spotlight issue who was actually under Turmoil. But the full story won’t be retold until the four part mini series, which is now compiled in graphic novel.

So what’s special with this Transformers Spotlight: Drift Director’s Cut edition? It’s a special issue featuring the writers, artists and creators of this character how they developed him from concept art to Hasbro’s interest in making it as an action figure. The creators Shane McCarthy and Guido Guidi talks about what went into the process in making Drift introduced as a Generation One character.

In this prestige format it reprint the original Spotlight Drift comic book and it includes interviews from McCarthy, Guidi, Casey W. Coller (the artist in the Spotlight issue and who designed Turmoil), Joana LaFuente (Colorist for Drift: Spotlight), Denton J. Tipton (Original Editor for Spotlight: Drift), and Alex Milne (Artist for Drift mini-series).

There were a lot of material and process how Drift came to be part of the Generations One characters and how the fans first reacted when he was introduced in the comic book. Currently Spotlight: Drift has been reprinted five times and included in book compilations and graphic novels. But if you’re looking for a definitive introduction of the character with tons of behind the scenes material this Director’s Cut edition is the book to get without the clutter of or difficulty hunting down copies of the first mini-series.

Besides the interviews and the reprint comic book you get to see the original and alternate covers used in the first released Spotlight: Drift comic book. The full details how Hasbro and Takara Tomy got interested in including the character in the toy line.

This also where the creators in McCarthy and Guidi teasing that the upcoming mini-series Drift: Empire of the Stone where the story picks up after he left the crew of the Lost Light in Transformers: Robots in Disguise series. For the creators its both welcoming and bonding again with their old friend, which gives them more stories to tell about the mysterious Autobot swordsman.

Overall Transformers Spotlight: Drift Director’s Cut is a good introductory book for those fans that first saw the character in the live action films and also the ones who missed the original release of the spotlight issue. But this time you get tons of more extra material and never before seen concept art that’s probably not available in

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