Friday, October 3, 2014

TF Sightings: Evolution 2-Pack Optimus Prime!

10.03.2014 – Transformers: Age of Extinction is already heading to Home Entertainment release in Blu-ray and DVD format. There will be tons of extras and an exclusive edition which was celebrated a few days earlier at the TLC Chinese Theater with Peter Cullen.

In the Philippines the toys are slowly getting released with the latest wave of Generations “Thrilling 30” sighted in local retail one TF:AoE was sighted in Toys R’Us which was announced on their Facebook page earlier today.

If you’ve seen the Evolution series that already featured Bumblebee and Grimlock wait until you see the release of 2-pack figures that had Optimus Prime. It might not come as anyone’s surprised, but for newbies to the hobby would definitely pick this up.

The Evolution 2-pack figure featuring Optimus Prime had the 2006 TF Classics Voyager Class edition in new colors. This figure had several iterations from its original Classics release and together with this figure is the latest repaint of the Evasion Mode Optimus Prime with somewhat bright shades of red and blue.

There are other interesting assortments of Transformers goodies that was sighted and you can check the images below:

This set retails for PhP 2,799.75 pesos which was seen at one of the Toys R’Us store in the Metro Manila. It’s the same price point for Grimlock which was released earlier, which is a TRU exclusive.

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