Saturday, October 4, 2014

KRE-O Transformers: Prime Talks About Movies!

10.05.2014 – Rarely you’ve noticed the newer Kre-O Transformers sets creeping into Philippine retail since the toy launch last summer. There’s nothing Earth shattering about the current ones but once in a while you might see something interesting.

In other countries there has been sets that are based from the G1 cartoon, but mostly its dominated by sets based from the Age of Extinction film. Hasbro keeps on churning up new sets that with a motion digital short…

This might not come as a surprise as Kre-O have shared this on Youtube a few months back with minor tweaking of the motion digital short. Optimus Prime tells the story of the four live action films that debut in 2007 then followed by Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Dark of the Moon (2011), and the recent Age of Extinction that premiered late in May.

Hasbro has been pushing for more Transformers in their Kre-O construction branded toys that are manufactured by Korean based company in OxFord. They’ve done one-off motion digital shorts for G.I. Joe and Star Trek to promote their own respective line.

But Transformers is their primary brand when it they go all out since its also celebrating its “Thrilling 30”, and at the same time G.I. Joe is also has its own anniversary going on it s 50th year as an iconic brand.

Then again Hasbro would defer to their billion earning franchise with Transformers that’s backed up with four blockbuster films that had put them on the map with this clip.

It/s hilarious with all the parodies and satire Optimus Prime having difficulty remembering Spike Witwicky’s last name as he was portrayed by Shia Labeouf, who’s career came questionable after controversies behind the camera.

Kre-O Transformers is available in leading retail stores in the Philippines with its current Age of Extinction line of construction branded toys.

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