Friday, October 10, 2014

TF Asia Exclusive: Hasbro MP-10 with Vector Sigma!

10.10.2014 – It’s rare having a second chance at a reproduction of a Transformers character in the Masterpiece line. Even for a recently released figure its never going to be reproduced unless its for an occasion that the brand is celebrating an anniversary.

There has been reproduction of Grimlock in a new box with slight color or improvement of the toy addressing the minor flaws. Then you get to hear Hasbro about to release MP-05 dubbed the “30th Anniversary” edition and there’s MP-10 Optimus Prime that has Vector Sigma…

A few months back Transformers Asia teased that they’ll be re-releasing the MP-10 Optimus Prime for the Asian region with an exclusive edition. It took months before they finally revealed what’s going to be added to the Hasbro packaged Autobot Commander.

There’s no other new image of Optimus Prime with regard to the description this figure that will have minor color changes. What’s interesting is that they included the key to Vector Sigma and the orb itself seen in the original Transformers US episode “The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1” in season too which gave life to the Aerialbots and Stunticons.

Vector Sigma is described as the super computer that gave all Transformers life. It can only be activated by a specific key, which for anyone who owns it will have the power.

The new promotion that includes the key and orb that is Vector Sigma will be included upon the release of MP-10 Optimus Prime Hasbro Edition in selected Asian countries excluding Japan on October 24, 2014.

For those who never had an MP-10 this will be your chance to own one with an added premium with this limited promotion. Get more details about the Vector Sigma LIKE Transformers Asia on Facebook and visit the site at:

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[ Source: Transformers Asia ]

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