Saturday, October 18, 2014

iAcademy's C.A.V.E. feat. Dark Lord Dungeon!

10.18.2014 – Dark Lord Dungeon aka Denis Del Callar is one of the few content writers in the community that maintains his own site that not only caters to Transformers Fans, but also to other specific interests that he’s into lately.

He’s a big Star Wars fan as evident of his reviews on the latest action figures also manufactured by Hasbro.

But earlier this morning he’s one of the featured exhibitors at the recently concluded C.A.V.E. (Collection of Art & Visual Expressions).

Dark Lord Dungeon is one of the bright spots who showed up early in the morning to have some of his Optimus Prime collection on display that includes Third-Party add-ons and accessories that make his figures stand out. He also had that huge At-At walker from Empire Strike Back sit on top of the glass display.

The other side of the display also features some of his HALO action figures and vehicles that also include some discontinued G.I. Joe vehicles. But what defines him is his Optimus Prime collection. There are other Prime collectors out there but his had a distinct personality when you see it that’s him right there. There are others who would claim that theirs are in abundance of variation. But regardless how not 100% complete what DLD have is quality in detail with all those unnamed brands of Third-Party add-ons and the images won’t lie…

iAcademy’s C.A.V.E. had a morning presentation and collectible exhibit in the morning. The event was bannered by iAcademy’s Dane Romley, The Simpsons character layout artist and the school’s Creative Director.

Dark Lord Dungeon is a toy review site by Denis Del Callar where he features also other non-hobby interest like food, men’s magazine and other intresting things. For more LIKE Dark Lord Dungeon on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @DarkLordDungeon

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