Thursday, October 9, 2014

ThrowBack: TransFormers PH 2003 Geocities Site!

10.09.2014 – Transformers Philippines originally started as a community in 2002, which went online in the old Yahoo Groups. After a year it expanded with its original website that was launched in October 2003 at the former GeoCities site. The site was originally named “TransFans PH” short for "Transformers Fans Philippines", which evolved to what it is today. It also contains the original details how the group was founded and some early news and toy reviews.

When GeoCities ceased to exist in 2009 the original site was almost lost forever, which originally ran from October 2003 to June 2004. There are old content material in the site that can still be access but it’s entirely some of the links are already discontinued. If you figure out how Transformers Philippines began it started with a small website, that was basically dedicated more about the Fan experience than just about collecting the toys.

GeoCities was the original social media platform that promoted the original community that evolved into a new site, which was has been stayed true to promoting Transformers culture to the Philippine local scene.

Thanks to those who preserved the site’s original appearance it can now be seen in the old GeoCities archive HERE!

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[ Source: GeoCities.WS ]

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