Friday, June 6, 2014

TF 4: Age of Extinction BK WHOPPER® BOT Meal!

06.06.2014 – Transformers Age of Extinction is making a push for promotion, and the toys have already been out for the past week when it was launched in the Philippines. Besides the official Hasbro merchandise fast food restaurants will promote this.

Burger King has been synonymous with Transformers Movie since the first one in 2007, but in the Philippines it will be Jollibee who usually promotes it. This is given that they own the Burger King franchise locally so it’s impossible unless you’re from Singapore. has reported that Burger King will be promoting Transformers: Age of Extinction through their WHOPPER® BOT and WHOPPER JR.™ BOT Transformers burgers.

The concept with the promotion let the customer choose what's on it and transform it in their way, which is kind of interesting and there’s no possibility that the promotion will be the same Burger King in the Philippines.

There’s no word if the promo will be in the menus for USA or Europe, but expect a different promo will be offered in these territories.

Besides getting your choice of Whopper Bot for every meal you purchase and Go Large you get a FREE poster featuring Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and another character that’s hardly seen due to the small detail of the advertisement.

The BK WHOPPER® BOT Meal is exclusive only to Burger King SG, and for more details LIKE Burger King Singapore on Facebook!

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