Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Transformers Toys Launched But No Movie?

05.20.2014 – Transformers: Age of Extinction is gearing up its international release sometime next month, and still pondering the question if the Philippines will get the chance to see the film in its scheduled date?

The fans that have seen the three previous films, and into the merchandise cast aside their doubts to see the launch of the latest toys based on the upcoming film during the weekend.

It’s surprising that SM Megamall and Playkit (the Philippine distributor of the Hasbro brand) has extended the event yesterday (Monday).

But still the question lingers to those who have become fans of the film IF United International Pictures and Solar Entertainment would bring the dispute to end.

For those who haven’t been up with the news early this year UIP has terminated their partnership with Solar Entertainment with their last film distributed was 47 Ronin which stars Keanu Reeves in January 2014.

A few weeks later UIP has announced that they have assigned their film distributor to the Philippines is none other than Columbia Pictures PH who also distribute Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures. Their first film that was supposed to be distributed was Noah, but reports have come out that Solar Entertainment has filed a restraining order to halt UIP from distributing their films through Columbia Pictures PH. This would eventually stop the showing of the next movies, which possibly will also affect the release of the latest Transformers film directed once again by Michael Bay.

In the middle of this argument are the passionate Transformers fans that grew up with the brand and viewers of the live action film franchise. For those dedicated fans not only collecting the merchandise and the toys shows that particular concern. For the mean time Playkit continues to launch the merchandise and the latest toys from Hasbro.

The launch may be big for those who have been collecting the toys, but it doesn’t help the news surrounding the possibility of Transformers 4 not being seen by Filipinos. There’s a huge fan base in the country that has seen the previous live action films. While some celebrate the release of the toys others still linger and hope that they could catch the film by end of next month.

If you haven’t seen the latest toys distributed by Playkit, they had a special toy launch at SM Megamall during the past weekend and in a surprising fashion they had extended the launch up to Monday. For those who have missed the opportunity to drop by and see some of the new toys on display here are some images taken last night…

There’s less than a month to go before Transformers Ages of Extinction comes out in cinemas which is on June 27, 2014. The international release would be a few days earlier which includes the Philippines to be the first countries to screen date. If both parties (UIP and Solar Entertainment) still show concern for the fans they would bury this argument and proceed to bring the film in the local cinema.

At the end of the day if both parties don’t fix this early they will lose huge amount of revenues that will also have an affect on the merchandise and other licensing to promote the movie itself.

The winner in this legal battle won’t be either parties, but the fans who have been dedicated from the start when brand was first introduced as an animated series, which grew into a multi-billion phenomenon that’s celebrating 30 years.

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