Friday, June 27, 2014

Ayala Malls Promo Transformers Age of Extinction!

06.27.2014 – TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION is now showing in Philippine cinemas since Wednesday (June 25, 2014) and for those who are anticipating the film just for their kids to enjoy the weekend Ayala Malls’ Cinemas have something for the whole family.

There are five ways to get into the TRANSFORMERS experience with Ayala Malls’ Cinemas, but of course the ‘Early Bird Promo’ doesn’t count anymore as the film is already out. But there are other four things to interact and here are lists of in detail to find out…

Ayala Malls’ Cinemas encourage you to see the film by taking advantage of their ‘Sureseats’ and get to win some prizes or by watching Age of Extinction you get some ‘Sweet Treats’ from Oreo, which have some exclusive flavored cookies tie-up with TRANSFORMERS.

This coming weekend if ever you plan to watch the fourth TRANSFORMERS film they’ll have a photo booth set up for you to ‘Strike-A-Pose’ where you can find them at the lobbies this Saturday and Sunday you won’t miss it for you to take home a free souvenir.

If you’re on the social media then you might be sharing your thoughts where you can join their ‘Tweet-O-Rama.’ You can answer some movie questions from Ayala Malls’ Cinemas by following @MySureSeats on Twitter. Lastly LIKE Ayala Malls Cinemas on Facebook to get more updates on their next movie promos so you won’t miss out getting the chance to see the film where they organized block screenings.

You can never missed the opportunity to be part of the movie going experience with Ayala Malls’ Cinemas as their tag line is ‘Beyond Movies’ and visit their site too at:

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION is now showing in Philippines cinemas from Universal Pictures locally distributed by Columbia Pictures PH.

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