Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dunkin' Donuts Cup Toppers: TF4 AOE Drift!

06.28.2014 – Age of Extinction has been out now in Philippine cinemas and just like the film merchandise and toys tie-up are now available.

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the major tie-ups in promoting the fourth TRANSFORMERS sequel directed by Michael Bay.

Recently sighting reports takes a close look at the Cup Toppers offered by Dunkin’ Donuts featuring Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Drift, which among the three the former Decepticon is relatively unknown to mainstream fans who closely follow the movies.

Drift might look new to everyone but to the hardcore Transformers fans; the mysterious swordsman has been around since 2010. For those who doesn’t read comic books it was where the character was first introduced in his own one-shot ‘Transformers Spotlight: Drift’ revealing who he was then followed by a mini-series expanding his origin and revealing who he actually was.


Taking a close look at the Dunkin’ Donuts Cup Topper you see each packaged in a window-type box that has the Autobot faction symbol on the side while on the other reveals the artwork. The back reveals the characters available.

If you’re wondering about the figurines being removable they are not, because it’s molded with the stand | cup cover that have Drift’s name which you’ll read that it’s a Dunkin’ Donut product.


There’s nothing much to say about the Drift figure other than he’s in his action pose holding his sword, which is actually removable and get easily lost. It’s made of soft rubbery plastic and aside from Optimus Prime this Japanese –inspired Autobot is the other character who has a weapon. The level of detail is not that bad but it’s not highly suggested as a value for your money to collect it.

Drift stands half the size of a Deluxe Class figure. Comparing the movie version it’s really light years away from the comic book character, which had its toy version released sometime in 2010 under the Generations toy line.


It depends whose buying and collecting these kind of merchandise, but at the end of the day the one that’s going to be sold out are the popular characters namely Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. For Drift the character is relatively unknown unless you’ve seen Ken Watanabe breath life to this Autobot, which is one of the rare shining parts of the film.

Overall for a practical sense who would buy a dozen donuts just to acquire one character that you need to pay an additional amount for? If you are a character fan definitely its either Prime or Bee, but surely there are other fans who follow Drift, The Generation One character.

There’s no love lost for the Autobot swordsman in the movies even though there has been mixed reactions for those who have actually seen it.

TRANSFORMERS AGE OF EXTINCTION now playing in Philippines cinemas from Universal Pictures to be distributed by Columbia Pictures PH.

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