Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mixable Mashable Heroes: Optimus Prime!

05.22.2014 – When the launch for the latest Transformers toys was unveiled last weekend there were mixed reactions from the long time fans that followed the franchise since its birth 30 years ago. But there are also the fans that have been interested in the latest movie designs.

Those who are still hoping, that the upcoming film may have its chance to be seen in Philippine cinemas are just adoring the new merchandise. Then there are casual fans that just enjoy seeing every bit anything which is related to the Transformers brand.

For those who didn’t noticed aside from the Age Extinction toys there also other brands that Hasbro has merchandise tied up like the Potato Heads from Playskool. If you’re familiar with the Potato Head products under the Playskool brand then you know that they have produced movie-tie in characters for Iron Man, Star Wars, and Transformers.

Back in 2007 Hasbro released is first ever tie-up with Playskool’s Potato Head and Transformers brand, which it was the Optimash Prime a Mr. Potato Head in disguise as the Autobot Commander Optimus Prime. After that they followed with a Bumble Spud in 2009 when they where promoting Revenge of the Fallen.

But Optimash Prime is more successful that never got a follow-up or a reissue. Now Hasbro has just released the “Mixable Mashable Heroes” mini-spuds for kids and kid at heart. It’s a set of Transformers characters dressed up as small Mr. Potato Heads. It features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock. You can mix and match their accessories to your imagination and they didn’t stop with Transformers there are also characters from Marvel, which was released as 2 in 1 packaged with one Potato Head with two different accessories.

For the Transformers line the most sold out among the three will be Optimus Prime for being cute and unique as previously it had a larger version introduced in the ever growing Mr. Potato Head line that was never reissued unlike Darth Tater (Darth Vader) or the Amazing Spider-Spud (Spider-Man).

Optimash Spud on Card

All the Mixable Mashable Heroes are in card packaging and the Transformers line can be immediately spotted as Bumblebee is one of the two recognizable characters in the set with the exception of Grimlock.

The packaging shows the gimmick and you need the other two characters to play around the mix and match concept. But in all three TF characters Optimus Prime can easily be sold out if you plan to complete all three.

The Close Up Look

Optimus Prime as the smallest leader of the Transformers Spud comes in four parts, which includes the head/body, torso, helmet, and base/feet. Unlike the larger version the head has his nose, mouth, eyes, and ears molded to the head/body.

The bigger version doesn’t have ears as the mask that has Optimus Prime’s entire faceplate comes in two pieces (the mouthpiece and helmet). The torso is an entire part that has both arms molded that’s non-articulated unlike the bigger version, which comes separately for interchangeable with other Potato Heads.

The base and faceplate/helmet are in translucent blue and can be compared to the larger Mr. Potato Head in Optimash Prime. This is noticeable among the three mini spuds when you have Bumblebee and Grimlock.

Spud on Demand

With the popularity of Optimus Prime one can’t deny to pick this Potato Head as a popular crossover from both products. This spud is retailed at PhP 249.75 pesos ($5.75 US dollars) and was released during the launch of the Transformers: Age of Extinction toys which are also manufactured by Hasbro under the Playskool brand.

The customized Optimash Prime can be seen having a photo of a certain personality or celebrity in the Philippines, and you can see more photos LIKE Optimash Prime on Facebook!

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