Thursday, April 25, 2013

Transformers Go! Straight to Japanese DVD Only!

04.25.2013 – Rumors about the upcoming new animated series Transformers Go! Will hit the Japanese airwaves was confirmed to be going straight to video. Starting July 2013 as tweeted by TF Yuki earlier today the series is not going to be shown on TV but rather will be a straight to DVD release.

Additional details about the series will feature new characters and they are two combiners going by the name Gokenzan and Gogekisou. The images resurfaced online can be seen in the mirror site in 4Chan.

The new series will be released on DVD as supplement to TV Magazine which is an exclusive to Japan and unlikely that it will make it to the US. But if you’re still wonder what’s all the buzz about here’s the news from TFYuki himself…

This new series will raise some interest in the US knowing it will definitely an exclusive. It’s interesting to see something new coming out from Japan after the last Unicron Trilogy from 7 years go.

Transformers Go! Is going to be released in 2013 maybe it’s time to find your Japanese contacts to lend a hand in getting a copy of this new series don’t you think?

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