Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Story Behind Santa Prime!

12.25.2012 – Christmas is here! Definitely you might be opening your gifts under that tree. Lately there has been a trend of greetings from the social media and one feed caught our attention and it was Optimus Prime as Santa Claus

The Autobot Commander dressed as Jolly St. Nick was actually a cover for “The Transformers (UK)” comic book which was released on December 28, 1985. It was written by James Hill with art by Will Simpson.

This is actually the first UK Comic's regular Christmas issues.

There was a lot of firsts when it was released and besides being its Christmas debut issue this also features the UK-only story to feature Circuit Breaker (not counting her cameo in The Wrath of Grimlock!). For anyone who has not read the Marvel comic run of Transformers which features a human heroine in Circuit Breaker who has appeared several times in the US series.

The premise in the comic features…

“Circuit Breaker recounting her origin and her hatred for robots, the Autobots are arranging a make-shift Christmas celebration for Buster Witwicky in the Ark. A metal Christmas tree has been constructed, Optimus Prime is wearing a Santa Claus costume, and decorations and banners are hung from the ceiling. Prowl finds the whole charade a waste of time, especially while the Decepticons are weak, and Jazz doubts that humans are capable of charity due to his recent encounter with Circuit Breaker. Realizing it's getting late, Buster has Jazz drive him to St. Petersburg, a suburb of Portland, to finish delivering his dad's Christmas presents.

While children are skating on an icy pond in St. Petersburg, a young girl falls through the ice, and Circuit Breaker is nearby to rescue her. However, her appearance causes her to be attacked as a freak by other passers-by. Enraged, she flies off and stumbles upon Jazz and Buster. As she attacks Jazz, only Buster's pleas for mercy (because it is Christmas) cause her to leave. Jazz finally understands the meaning of Christmas and human goodwill.”

The comic was compiled and reprinted as part of the first volume from the Marvel UK series in October 2011 by IDW Publishing.

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