Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Devastating Stop-Motion with TFC Hercules!

10.02.2012 – There are great stop-motion animation featuring toys as subject and it’s a delicate task in making the best one stand out. For this simple short clip it features the much-talked about third-party Transformers in Hercules set a Constructicons on steroids.

Everyone wants a decent representation of the baddest Decepticon ever but the official toys are lacking in size and not entirely cartoon accurate.

There are several iterations of the famed combining team in other TF series that forms Devastator but none of them made such huge impact as this third-party product in Hercules.

It’s the closest thing to owning Devastator in its brute size glory and to top it all up a passionate Transfan named Harris Loureiro definitely made everyone’s thought bubble screaming “I WANT THIS!” after producing this superb short clip of the Hercules gestalt set…

Of course it’s going to be expensive if you want to fork up all six Voyager Class-size figures in a single go and during STGCC 2012 U-Toys had a set up on sale. But if you’re not based in Singapore you got Great Toys Online as an alternative for you to acquire this monstrosity.

We would want one for Christmas but its only October and there’s two months to save up or plan to get your 13th month bonuses allotted to acquire this vicious Decepticon.

It’s going to be stomping its way to your toy shelf near you or if you can’t buy one this clip will definitely remind you that Harris Loureiro made a difference making unofficial TV commercial that definitely kick ass.

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