Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TFPH at Ten: STGCC 2009 Gold Optimus Prime!

06.06.2012 – For many year we have been constantly evolving and still learning from a mailing list that began in 2002 to an online blog talking about not only Transformers toy collecting but the entirety of the franchise itself.

Transformers Philippines was born from just one person’s appreciation of the cartoon series that first came out in 1984 that spawned three live action movies and still kicking with the latest TV shown on the Hub Network titled “Transformers Prime.” Indeed for every version of Optimus Prime there’s a gold standard an exclusive that we can never forget or have that we can only appreciate.

We’re sure you have a favorite Optimus Prime out there that you wanted but can’t have. For the past 10 years there’s one memory that we can never forget what made some of us special. Some would be in awe for others who dream about having to own one and to remind us how you the fans are special.

So we pay tribute to the day we acquired the Gold Optimus Prime based from the Leader Class scale version of the Autobot Leader released during the first live action movie in 2007. This version some would say is a “Lucky Draw” for that year but for us it’s just another figure repainted in gold. Well the revelation with this Gold Optimus Prime is actually the Night Ops version underneath.

It was numbered 44 out of 88 pieces made in the world and so far encountered another one in possession by another entity numbered 12/44 earlier back during a convention in June 2009 prior to receiving this during STGCC held in August 2009.

The figure is no longer transformable as been heavily gold painted with Hasbro’s official stamped of the number and ratio on a black shiny base and acrylic glass protection. Both feet are wired with a coppered wire. The movement of the joints has been limited to should and elbow joints. The legs are the only part that can be moved but the knees due to heavy paint is stuck frozen to its current position.

The part where the arm folds to reveal the doors in truck mode is unpainted underneath to reveal what the “Gold” Optimus Prime was actually a standard Leader Class repaint of the Night Ops in blue.

This “Gold Optimus Prime” has appeared in TV shows as well as featured in a special documentary. The last appearance was sometime in July 2011 during the height of promoting Transformers Dark of the Moon featuring toy collectors and fans of the franchise and Transformers Philippines was the guest in the morning show at Unang Hirit.

It’s rare that someone even tried to buy this for six figures but unfortunately it’s not for sale. It has a very sentimental value beyond the amount of price that has been put into this figure. The figure on a regular basis is not on display as it is stored in its original box to keep the light from exposing this.

Clearly it is one of the kind but not that rare unlike its previous and current counterparts. But it will be rare to find this being sold online or even in some private auction house. This would be our memory how we celebrate 10 years and to share you this rare collectible that is forever part of Transformers Philippines!

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