Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe) is the next MasterPiece!

06.06.2012 – The next Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy is Sideswipe or known in his Japanese name as “Lambor” who transforms into the Lamborghini "New Countach LP500S" and the rights are owned by parent company Volkswagen Group.

Recently news has been going through the revelation courtesy of CyberGundam’s blog post that Takara Tomy has got the rights to produce the "New Countach LP500S" alternate mode of Sideswipe. The Volkswagen Group known for strict use of their brand against with war related toys has finally allowed the use of the Lamborghini logo.

The Lamborghini logo was shown prominently in this image slide for the upcoming Sideswipe (Lambor) figure to be released as the 12th Masterpiece figure in the series.

This was a surprising development that Volkswagen has previously decline to use their products for war machines. It would be beneficial for them if they allowed the Volkswagen New Beetle appears in the future too.

Recently Ferrari and Mercedes Benz products have appeared in the Dark of the Moon movie as Dino and Soundwave’s alternate modes. This was not the first time they allowed their products to be used until Sideways came out and transformed into the Audi R8 in Revenge of The Fallen.

But it all depends on Volkswagen’s approval with allowing them to use the VW Beetle’s image as they are very strict in allowing their products being portrayed in other forms or in the case of cars that turned into war robots.

MP-12 Lambor figure will be released on October 27, 2012 for 5,800 Yen (roughly $72.80 US Dollars).

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