Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Transformers Prime Arms Micron TV CM!

03.07.2012 – Recently TakaraTomy updated their Youtube channel with its second TV CM of the Transformers Prime Arms Micron (The series known in North America as simply Transformers Prime).

This shot sixteen second commercial features the main characters of the CG animated TV series shown in the US channel The Hub Networks.

The series interest in toys is catching up in the land of the rising sun.

The Arms Micron partner looks like inspired from the Armada series from 2003 with different interlocking connections. The concept is unlike the Minicon partners that transforms into vehicles. This time the Minicons are limited to changing into weapons similar to the Targetmasters introduced in 1987 but not with connecting to different parts of a bigger Transformer.

The TV commercial is short but it’s enough to entice everyone and with the added concept to the Arms Micron certainly looking forward to see this on the TV series itself...

We included the first TV commercial which introduced all the characters as well as the use of the Arms Micron and its revelation here...

Transformers Prime is not yet being aired in the Philippines but some of the First Editions as wells as Voyager Class size figures have made it on retail.

However due to its popularity only a select few has been left in the shelves and let’s hope Playkit (the local distributor of Hasbro ) gives us more updates on the upcoming Transformers Prime toys.

For the TakaraTomy release toys expect this to be released this March in Japan.

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