Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Revoltech Sci Fi Series No.030 Transformers Optimus Prime!

08.17.2011 - Thanks to MechaGuy of Full Metal Hero forums we got newer unseen images taken from the recent summer event of Wonder Festival 2011 of the upcoming Revoltech Sci Fi Optimus Prime figure. We haven’t reported this previously due to some photos where unclear until we get to see this.

In this set of photos includes the art work and the box much anticipated figure from the Revoltech Sci Fi series. Though non-transformable this is getting some serious fan attention due to its details as well as the improved articulation.
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The figure will be released under the toyline Tokusatsu Revoltech Sci Fi designated No. 030 Transformers Optimus Prime to be released on September 2011 retailed price at Y 3,620 Yen in Japan.

It will be released in the Philippines not on retail but through specialty shops like Great Toys Online for updates and Philippine Pricing.

For more complete images and updates on the upcoming Transformers figure head to Mecha Guy’s update on the Revoltech Sci Fi Series Optimus Prime!

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