Thursday, June 30, 2011

KFC Philippines' Transformers Bucket Meal!

06.30.2011 - Kentucky Fried Chicken in the US had the Boxmaster promo, while in the Philippines you may have the chance to win an 8-foot tall Optimus Prime and Bumblebee statue.

Plus other prizes if you purchase the Transformers Bucket Meal, and with each purchase entitles you to two raffle coupons. Certainly each winner will take home these limited edition statues of the two famed Autobots.
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The bucket meal includes four character tumblers and the huge bucket that has the print of your favorite Transformers. The minor prizes that would be given away are 210 pieces of Transformers T-shirt apparel, and 210 KFC 2-pieces chicken gift certificates.

for further details and inquiries LIKE the official KFC Philippines Facebook page!

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