Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TF Collectors' Club FREE Membership Incentive Figure -- Side Burn!

03.08.2011 - If the 2010 Collectors' Club Exclusive was not that quite enticing to add to your roster of modern representations of Transformers characters from the previous toylines.

This year would be something of a shock as the 2011 collector's club is none other than Robots in Disguise Autobot Side Burn!

Yes. It was a surprise but for those who had recieved the Transformers Collectors Club issue #37 this was a dead give away at the last page of the comics.

Could this mean that Side burn has been officially reintegrated into the Generation One universe?

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For anyone who have watched the TF series Robot in Diguise (RiD) in 2001. Then there's no need for introduction for this road law breaking Autobot. For those who haven't heard about Side Burn. He's one third of the "Autobot Brothers" from the RiD series, which was a new beginning for all Transfans who got tired of the Beasties.

RiD was the series that brought back Transformers to its vehicle forms after the revival of interest from Beast Wars.

Side Burn is the 2011 Transformers Colectors' Club FREE Memebrship Incentive. For those who had renewed or signed up to be a membership before March 16, 2011.

Obviously Side Burn's body is based from the Deluxe Class TF Classics Rodimus, that came out back in 2006 as part of its first wave of re-imagined G1 characters. Just like Rodimus our famed Autobot will come with his blaster, and an exclusive Tech Spec. The difference is the new retooled head and repainted to his original colors. Members can expect to receive this figure with all his accessories in late spring/early summer.

If you join after the March 16th deadline, you will be eligible for the 2012 figure. Also, if you have missed any of the previous figures, there are still some available now for members to purchase in the Club Store.

For foreign application to sign up with Transformers Collectors' Club the membership fee is $78.00 US dollars covering shipping and handling.

For more details call 1-817-448-9863 or CLICK HERE to join the Club!

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