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Bot Con 2011 Exclusive: TF Animated Stunticons!

03.07.2011 - Every year Transfans are always present to the Mecca of Transformers convention known as Bot Con. Established in the late 1990s this annual gathering of Transformers fans won't be a Transfan without Bot Con, which attracts thousands of visitors.

For this year the yealy Bot Con will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California USA on June 2 to 5 2011. Fun Publication's Transformers Collectors Club is taking the event to sunny California.

What every Transfan mostly anticipate in this annual event is the Bot Con Exclusives. From different stories the Club brings for fans to have it in their check list is these convention exclusives.

For this year the exclusive will be the famed Decepticon Stunticons, but this time around its based from Transformers Animated never made in the TV show or in toy shelves.

These manaical road rage of doom where the nasties in the comic books, which continued the adventures of our fan favorite Transformer series.

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Though the TV series was cancelled and the toys has been phased out. The stories continued in the comic books publised by IDW Publishing as well as Fun Publication's Collector's Club offerings.

For more of the official press release -- BotCon 2011 brings back Transformers Animated for one more adventure!

Fort Worth, TX – March 8th, 2011 – Fun Publications, Inc, licensee for Hasbro’s Official Transformers Collectors Convention “BotCon”, is pleased to announce that BotCon 2011 will feature an ALL-NEW Transformers Animated story! Tying in to the theme of this year’s Animated Stunticon Convention set, this special one-shot story (dubbed Season 3.5) is written by Marty Isenberg, Story Editor for the critically acclaimed Transformers Animated cartoon series. The new 22 page story, with art provided by Marcelo Matere, will be featured in the pages of the annual Transformers: Timelines comic and will debut at BotCon 2011.

“We are very excited to be adding a new chapter to the Transformers Animated Universe” said Pete Sinclair, Managing Editor for Fun Publications. “Marty and Derrick have crafted an amazing cast of characters, and with Marcelo doing the art, fans of Animated will be excited to read this new adventure!”

The last time fans saw Optimus Prime and his crew from Animated, the Autobots had captured Megatron and had returned him and his minions to Cybertron. With Cybertronians finally able to relax, focus has turned from the fears of war back towards some of the recreational events their planet has to offer. And the next big thing has just rolled into town; the Motormaster and his traveling Stunt Convoy! But are these mysterious robots here to put on a show or are they planning a real demolition derby?

BotCon 2011 is being held in Pasadena, Ca from June 2nd – June 5th. Collectors and fans of all ages can register for the show this March when online registration begins. There are different registration packages available, the most popular being the Primus package, which includes an exclusive 5-piece convention set featuring toys of the Animated Stunticons! Each Primus package also comes with Transformers Timelines Issue 6 featuring the Transformers Animated “Season 3.5” story. Walk in Admission is also available for BotCon and the convention edition of the comic will be sold at the Transformers Collectors’ Club store and online after the show.

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