Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transformers Collector's Club Magazine Feb/March Issue No. 37!

02.09.2011 - Get the latest issue no.37 of the Transformers Collector's Club featuring Cliff Jumper. A winning Design-A-Cover Contest Winning Entry by Reysol Grant.

This happens to arrive today in the mail which packs some interesting club tidbits.

Namely Interviews Voice actor Neil Ross, who voiced some of the prominent characters in the Generation One cartoons like Autobot Tripple Changer Springer, Dinobot Slag, or one of the Decepticon Contructicons.
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There's also an interview woth Hasbro Toy Designer Bill Rawley, where he talks about his thoughts on the upcoming Deluxe Class Wreck-Gar figure from the Reveal The Shield toy line.

Plus! Bio Files for BotCon 2009 toy exclusive Landshark as well as Cybertronian Bio for Starscream. There's also a page dedicated for the Design-A-Cover contest, where the other runner-up get to be featured.

Lastly the continuation of Elite Guard adventures in the Battle Lines comics series by Pete Sinclair, Jesse Wittenrich, and Dan Khanna is featured.

There's more goodies only TFCC members can benefit for more details on signing up for Internationl membership you check the details HERE!

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